The 13 are the upcoming event icons for Howl-O-Scream Tampa 2013.

Members of The 13Edit

Currently, only 6 of the 13 have been revealed. Each member appears to have a certain number attached to them. Whether this is a ranking is currently unknown. The currently revealed icons in the order they were released are:

  1. Voodoo Queen (#6)
  2. The Butcher (#4)
  3. The Cannibal (#10)
  4. The Surgeon (#7)
  5. The Hunter (#3)
  6. The Possessed (#1)

Individual SectionsEdit

It is possible that each member of the 13 will have their own personal sections for the event. It has been confirmed that the Voodoo Queen and the Butcher will have their own houses, Death Water Bayou and The Basement, respectively. It is also possible that the Cannibal may have his own dinner event as prior to his release the words "Dinner Special" appeared next to his door.