Howl-O-Scream 2009 will take place at Busch Gardens Africa, Busch Gardens Europe and SeaWorld San Antonio this Fall. Busch Gardens Tampa will hold the event for the tenth time (a.k.a "10 Years of Fear"), Busch Gardens Williamsburg will hold it for the eleventh time, and SeaWorld will hold it for the ninth time.

The EventsEdit

Busch Gardens AfricaEdit

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This year, BGA will celebrate "10 Years of Fear" with attractions like a new Shop of Horrors a ton of new scare zones, and their most haunted houses yet. But the 10th anniversary won't be all BGA has to offer this year. The main theme will center on the House of Vayne, an evil fashion show operated by the vampiress Ms. Vayne, whose models Anya, Erik and Elsa, fellow vampires, are ready to suck the blood out of their guests.

Busch Gardens EuropeEdit

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This year, BGE will once again center on old English and European folklore legends, with the returning Jack of the Lantern as the main mascot. There will be numerous scare zones, new haunted houses, and unique new entertainment.

SeaWorld San AntonioEdit

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For 2009, SWSA will bring back Jack of the Lantern from last year's events. The event will include the usual Haunted Forest maze along with family oriented fun.

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