This is a listing of buildings at Busch Gardens Africa that have been used to employ haunted houses during Howl-O-Scream.

Name Description Houses Hosted
Employee Parking Lot A large parking lot for BGA team memebers is located in a backstage area behind the Marakesh Theater and part of the Bird Gardens land. During the Fall, team members are required to park elsewhere as the space is used for Howl-O-Scream. Labyrinth of Lost Souls (2000), The Mortuary (2002), The Mortuary (2003), The Mortuary (2004), The Mortuary: The Morning After (2005)
Bird Gardens Pavilion The open area in the Bird Gardens land houses an animal exhibit featuring Flimingos. In the past, large tents were constructed just for Howl-O-Scream, allowing compatible space for haunted mazes. Screaming Reality (2001), Bloody Bayou (2002), Darkheart's Fear Fair (2003), Darkheart's Fear Fair (2004), Freaked! (2005), Freaked! (2006)
Nairobi Pavilion A long, rectangle shaped pavilion is located next to Jambo Junction in the Nairobi area. For Howl-O-Scream, the Pavilion is converted into a haunted house. In 2004, the pavilion was damaged by a tornado, and had to be rebuilt while it's would-be haunted house, Corporate Nightmare, was moved to Tut's Tomb. Nightstalker in 3-D (2000), Ripper Row (2002), Ripper Row (2003), The Hunted (2005), The Hunted (2006), The Hunted (2007), Death Row: Vengeance (2008), Death Row: Vengeance (2009)
Ubanga Banger Bumper Cars the Ubanga Banga Bumper Cars attraction is located in the Congo area of the theme park. During the event. the vehicles used in the attraction are temporairly removed for haunted mazes. Tortured (2002), Tortured (2003), Till' Death Do Us Part (2004), Deathly Departed (2005), Deathly Departed (2006), Taste of Blood (2007), Taste of Blood (2008), Taste of Blood (2009)
Timbuktu Warehouse A storage space building located between Pirates 4D and Cheetah Chase attractions. It became a spot for haunted mazes starting in 2006. Trapped in the Walls (2006), Trapped in the Walls (2007), Trapped in the Walls (2008), Trapped in the Walls (2009)
Akbar's Adventure Tours Akbar's Adventure Tours was a simulator ride at the Egypt area of the park. In 2002, the attraction was shut down and only operated seasonally due to it's manufactuerer going out of business, allowing for Howl-O-Scream mazes to take place throughout it's unused queue areas. In 2007, the attraction was dismantled when it became impossible to continue running it, however, haunted mazes still continue to call the building home during the event. Demented Dimensions (2002), Demented Dimensions (2003), Chaos! (2004), The 3rd Dementia (2005), The 3rd Dementia (2006), Radiation Alert 3-D (2007), Reconstruction: The Doctor is In (2008), Reconstruction: The Doctor is In (2009)
Tut's Tomb An attraction located in the Egypt area of the park. It's first haunted house, in 2001, was potrayed to be an evil version of the Tut's Tomb attraction itself. In 2004, "Corporate Nightmare" was relocated to Tut's Tomb after a tornado damaged it's former location at the Nairobi Pavilion. Curse of King Tut's Tomb (2001), Corporate Nightmare (2004)
Myombe Reserve An animal exhibit located in the Crown Colony area with an emphisis on protecting Gorilla habitats. An outdoor haunted house was constructed on the attraction's pathways in 2000. For the following year, 2001, the outdoor maze was replaced by a smaller scare zone which did not cover as much of the attraction. Haunted Jungle Trail (2000)
Serengeti Safari Tours An added cost sightseeing tour located on the Edge of Africa. In 2000, it was "horrified" as part of the first official Howl-O-Scream event. Evening Serengeti Safari Tours (2000)
Curiousity Caverns This cave-themed animal attraction is located in the Nairobi area of the park. It was horrified at Howl-O-Scream 2000, and once again served as a haunted house location in 2001. Dark Caverns (2000), Creeper's Crypt (2001)
OrchId Canyon Building The OrchId canyon Building is part of the park's newer Jungala area of BGA. Starting in 2009, it will be used to house haunted mazes for Howl-O-Scream. Delta Epsilon Delta: Pledge Week (2009)
Crown Colony Skyride Station The CC Skyride station serves as the main entrance to the SkyRide from the southern area of the theme park. Haunted Houses which take place in the station have an entrance at the former Veidt Monorail entrance of the station. The queue then weaves around to an employees only area underneath the station where the maze begins. Escape From Insanity (2001), Escape From Insanity (2002), Escape From Insanity: Resident's Revenge (2003), Escape From Insanity: Lockdown (2004), After Hours: Dead of Night (2005), After Hours: Club Muse (2006), After Hours: Club Muse (2007), After Hours: Last Call (2008), Nightshade Toy Factory (2009)
Gwazi Event Yard A large open yard located next to Gwazi is used specially for the park's annual events, such as Viva la Musica and Summer Nights. During Howl-O-Scream, haunted houses are built on the yard based on an evil biker gang called "The Messengers". Catch Your Breath (2007), Eat Your Heart Out (2008), 13 (2009)