Escape From Insanity were a series of haunted houses at Busch Gardens Africa's Howl-O-Scream which ran from 2001 to 2004. The houses of were considered to be a "trilogy" of sorts, and revolved around the activities of inmates at the Sunny Meadows Asylum.

Escape From Insanity (2001, 2002)Edit

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The first haunted house in the series revolved on unsuspecting visitors entering the Sunny Meadows Asylum, where the demented staff where just as bad as the asylum patients.

Escape From Insanity: Resident's Revenge (2003)Edit

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In this 2003 sequel to Escape From Insanity, the asylum patients had escaped from their cells, and became out-mates (i.e. They were out for guests' blood).

Escape From Insanity: Lockdown (2004)Edit

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In the 2004 conclusion to the EFI mazes, incidents at the Sunny Meadows asylum had been contained with help from the Department of Asylum Detainment (D.A.D, get it?).


The Escape From Insanity houses started off in 2001 with Escape From Insanity and concluded in 2004 with Escape From Insanity: Lockdown. In 2005, EFI was replaced by After Hours: Dead of Night, which ran from 2005 until 2008, when it too had a "conclusion" style sequel and was also retired. All of the Escape From Insanity houses took place underneath the park's Crown Colony Skyride Station. Despite rumors that Escape From Insanity would return to celebrate "10 Years of Fear" in 2009, the maze will not be returned. Instead, Nightshade Toy Factory will debut in it's former location.

Notable FactsEdit

  • All of the Escape From Insanity houses took place at the Crown Colony Skyride Station.
  • Was the first of three haunted house series to take place at the Skyride station.
  • The Escape From Insanity series has been viewed as the inspiration for "Psycho Scareapy" and it's sequels at the nearby rival Halloween event, Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights.