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Death Jockey

Death Jockey was the event icon at Howl-O-Scream 2007 (Tampa).


When The Death Jockey was little. He was always being made fun of, because he had no ears and pale white skin. He decided to get revenge. When he was old enough, he became a DJ. He would play music loud enough to make peoples ears bleed, and made the lights so bright that it would burn everyone inside.


Death Jockey was constantly teased or made fun of as a kid for having a disease which forced him to cover his skin from the sunlight and made him bald; his whole family also had it. One night, while listening to music on the radio, Death Jockey was electrocuted from a thunderstorm. The shock made his ears burned, and, being a struggling musician, Death Jockey proclaimed that everyone would hear his music, even if they had to die just to do so.

So, when he became an adult, Death Jockey was hired to be the Disc Jockey at Club Muse and the murders began.

Appearances at Howl-O-ScreamEdit

Death Jockey appeared at the actual event on his own DJ stand at the front gate of the park.

Notable FactsEdit

  • Death Jockey's incarnation into HOS 2007 ended a hiatus of the event icon(s) not appearing at the event. Previously, Jack in the Box did not appear at HOS 2005, and there was no icon at HOS 2006.
  • The D.J., in the Killer Nights commercials and Online videos, was played by actor Michael Delgado.
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